Pet Safety During Fireworks Season

Happy Canada Day, everyone! All the fun and festivities of summer begin with this celebration, but it can be more distressing than fun to our pets. Each year, we hear about pets going missing or experiencing extreme distress during fireworks events. So, we have compiled a list of some helpful tips to make things a bit less stressful for both you and your pets.

  1. Do not take dogs to fireworks events. The noise, bright flashing lights, and the crowds can be most distressing to even the calmest of dogs. The risk of flight is very high for dogs at these events.
  2. Keep pets indoors during fireworks events. Whether these events are held in your local neighbourhood or parks, keeping pets in the back yard is not a secure or safe place during fireworks. Pets often escape and go missing from yards during fireworks season.
  3. Provide pets with a safe, comfortable, and quiet place in the house. Turn on the television or radio to help mask the sound of fireworks. Close the curtains to block the flashing lights. If you have a basement, this is often a place that is better insulated from sound above ground. Provide food or a treat a such as a stuffed Kong for dogs if they are not too fearful or distressed to eat. Cats will often find a quiet corner to hide. Be sure to leave them a litter box close by for their comfort and to avoid any messy accidents.
  4. If you know that your pet has a serious aversion to the noise, consult with your veterinarian about temporary solutions such as anti-anxiety medications or mild sedatives. Some dogs respond well with the use of a Thunder shirt which is placed snugly around the body for comfort. There is also a natural calming pheromone found in products such as Adaptil that come in a plug-in format or a spray. However, these products should be used in advance of a stressful situation for better effectiveness.
  5. Fireworks are toxic! Keep fireworks safely out of reach of your pets. If your pet chews or consumes a firework, please seek veterinary assistance immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet and their reaction fireworks, give us a call.!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer season!

Written by: Jill Whitfield, A.H.T, Practice Manager