Your Pet Gazette – Honouring our Fabulous Feline Family Members

Fabulous Discounts on Feline Wellness Care:

Throughout August and September, we will honour our feline patients with some special wellness care discounts and treats. Is your cat due for an annual check-up soon? Perhaps it has been a few years since your last vet visit. If so, this is a terrific opportunity to re-introduce your cat to regular vet visits using our tips for reducing their stress levels in transport and in the clinic.

When combined with an annual examination, vaccination, or routine wellness/preventive health care vet visit:

  • Complimentary nail trims – SAVE $19.50
  • No blood collection fees – SAVE $37.50
  • 10% off select wellness blood test panels
  • 10% off all Feliway anti-anxiety products
  • 10% off all feline treats and treat activity balls
  • Complimentary enrollment and consultations in the SLIMFIT program for overweight kitties with purchase of a weight-reducing diet

The total value of discounts ranges from $25 to $125 depending upon the selection of blood tests and products.

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Written by: Annex Animal Hospital