Annex Animal Hospital – Fall Pet Gazette

Ticks are the most active in cooler fall temperatures.

Did you know that ticks are very active from September through November? This is when we typically see the most ticks on unprotected pets. Protect your pets and yourself from tick bites even if you never leave the city. Ticks are now endemic in southwestern Ontario and are commonly found within city parks and gardens because they have migrated along with birds and other wildlife. If your pets need a fall dose of tick prevention, give us a call. The Bravecto rebate promotion has been extended to the fall of 2019. With the purchase of 2 doses per pet of Bravecto for dogs or cats between September 1st and December 31st, there is a $10 rebate offer from Call us soon to order fall tick protection for your pets.

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Written by: Annex Animal Hospital